Meet Jacob

The namesake for JCLI, Jacob Richard is the innovator of our cause and our constant inspiration.

Jacob Richard

Jacob Marcel Richard, t​he nephew of our Founder & Executive Director, was an extraordinary 19 year old young man who lost a life-long battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy on March 30, 2017. Jacob believed in always looking on the bright side of life, regardless of the circumstances. He wished ​for ​all ​disabled ​children and youth be granted the ​same ​opportunities and experiences he had been blessed with throughout his short life. Jacob’s courage, tenacity and will to live inspires​ all that we do as an organization. We adored Jacob and will make every effort to give as much back to the world as he has given us.

Jacob Richard
1998 - 2017

Meet the Founder

Focused on improving the quality of life and future opportunities for persons with disabilities, Tom founded JCLI in 2014 in an effort to permanently bridge the gap of support for this community.

Governing Board

The Governing Board articulates the organization’s mission, accomplishments and goals to the public and works diligently to assist the Executive Director in garnering support from various communities through outreach efforts.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board contributes expertise and experience to JCLI’s programs and initiatives and contributes specific skills that are pertinent to the current and future work of the organization.