campJacob provides the life skills and self-care training that builds confidence and inspires independent thinking in the lives of campers with disabilities well beyond camp.

Envisioned and inspired by its namesake,campJacob was our first initiative aiding youth with sensory disabilities in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. Campers (ranging from 65-90 in total) are selected from various local schools and organizations that partner with JCLI. The youth are transported to a resort on the north-western coast of Haiti, most having never seen anything outside of their respective homes in Port-au- Prince. JCLI counselors create a fun-filled environment offering a variety of holistic therapies and programming aimed at developing and strengthening life skills and self-esteem.

Volunteer counselors with experience in medicine, therapy, counseling, language and creative arts therapy host the camp for seven days. They organize and lead activities, converse and play with campers, serve meals, and supervise in safety roles. Each counselor comes with an intense desire to serve others, and most communicate with campers well after camp ends.

Every daily activity is geared toward fostering independent living and having fun.

Examples include:

  •  Physical, occupational and massage therapy
  •  Music participation and training
  •  Team-building exercises
  •  Sports

  •  Aquatioc activities
  •  Equine-assisted therapy
  •  Creative arts such as painting, dancing and craft-making

Following the completion of camp, campers are transported back to Port-au-Prince with increased self-confidence, improved mobility, greater well-being, lifelong memories, and many new friends.

Given that our organization’s purpose is long-term sustainment, we maintain a regular presence in Haiti, working with campers year-round to build on the skills they have developed during their camp experience.

Donations to campJacob provide funding for travel expenses, accommodations, three full meals and two snacks per day, individual necessities provided to each camper (from hygienic items to clothing) and all camp supplies.